Frequently Asked Questions

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Rental and Sales FAQs

What steps do you take to prepare a piece of equipment for rent/sale?

We check machines in when we buy them, when we sell them, after they come back from rent, and before they go out for rent.

Do you sell parts

Although we don’t specialize in selling parts, we do sell parts such as Spartan ZTR Parts, Intimidator Parts, and Kawasaki Parts. There are other who specialize in selling parts, do a better job and are better equipped than us. If we are repairing a machine we will tend to purchase the parts for repairs if need be.

Why should I rent from you?

Our rates are competitive, our equipment is reliable, and we customize our offerings to our customers in a way that our competitors can’t or don’t.

Why should I buy from you?

The entire time a machine is in our possession, we go through each machine to try and find out any issues ahead of time so we can let our customers know ahead of time. There are a lot of gray areas in used equipment, and equipment in general. We hate call backs from angry customers, it can ruin a day. 405 Equipment also buys hundreds of machines a year, from vendors all over the world, so we’ve experienced poor customer service first hand and strive to ensure we treat people the way we would like to be treated! We are also members of the BBB!
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